Billing and Claim Edits

Charge Capture & Entry – Smart MBBS offers comprehensive data entry solutions that take the worry out of the process by improving your efficiency and collections while reducing costs.  With improved first-pass rate, a 97% accuracy level, and guaranteed turnaround times, you can focus on growing your business and keeping your patients healthy. This is accomplished with a combination of advanced technology resources along with qualified and knowledgeable billing professionals.

Claims submission : Some payers, mainly Medicare, Medicaid and BCBS, will require clearinghouse enrollment for electronic claims submission. We will send appropriate forms to the payer through clearinghouse, basically letting them know that provider will be submitting claims electronically. There will be frequent follow-up on the application submitted to the payers through clearinghouse to know the status. Once we receive a notification of approval, we will start submitting claims to the payer electronically through ZH-OpenEMR.