Medical coding is the lifeblood of your revenue cycle. Accurate and efficient coding is crucial to meet financial and compliance goals. Medical coding can be complex yet time sensitive, where being down even a single coder can impact revenue.  With Smart MBBS, you’ll have one of the largest and most experienced coding staffs on your team. Whether our medical coders work on-site or remote, U.S. or offshore, their knowledge and training is top notch. They know the most current coding regulations and keep up to date with the latest in patient care in the clinical and hospital setting. Strict enforcement of coding compliance guidelines, ongoing reviews, and a commitment to continuing education promotes coding accuracy, data integrity, and proper claims submission.  When you partner with Smart MBBS for coding services, you position yourself to add noticeable value to your coding and overall operations. You’ll improve your coding accuracy and production, eliminate staffing shortages and backlogs, reduce compliance risk, and position your organization for the transition to ICD-10.  And with our flexible right sourcing approach to blended staffing you will accomplish all this while reducing your overall cost for coding.