Credentialing of Doctors

Our Physician Credentialing Service takes the burden off your staff and prevents staffing delays. Best of all, Smart MBBS can do it right and do it fast!  Our credentialing service can solve your Physician Credentialing woes and streamline the process for you. You will save valuable staff time, delays and save money. Best of all, Smart MBBS Billing Service can do it right and get it done fast. At Smart MBBS, our credentialing staff members are experts in the field and know how to avoid the mistakes and pitfalls many medical staff members stumble over, delaying the credentialing process, therefore delays reimbursements from insurance companies.  Our credentialing staff has been getting physicians credentialed for years and keeps abreast of changes in requirements and technology affecting credentialing.  Smart MBBS uses the most up-to-date processes to submit credentialing paperwork in order to get it processed quickly. Our clients are kept updated on the paperwork we submit, so they know when to expect approval.