Empower healthcare providers to maximize profits by pioneering improved and low cost back office processes and industry-leading information technology, which enables better focus and more potential and quality resources to be dedicated to patient care.

a. Operational Excellence: We will create the new industry standard for operational excellence, efficiency and professionalism. We believe that if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. To set new industry leading performance indicators, we will focus on granular metrics management, continuous innovation, and a steadfast drive for improvement.

b. Honesty and Integrity: We exist to enable healthcare providers to maximize profits and focus on patient care. This can only be attained if our clients have complete trust in us. SMARTMBBS will maintain rigorous compliance with all HIPAA, privacy, security and other federal and state regulatory compliance requirements. Our organization will always do what is right for our providers, and we will conduct our business and ourselves with the utmost honesty,loyalty and integrity.

c. Continuous Innovation: We will never be satisfied with how our industry has traditionally been managed or past success stories. We will continuously focus on finding new ways or think out of the box to achieve better returns, extract new efficiencies from the operational value chain, reduce costs, and provide better client service.