Why us


SMARTMBBS is a Revenue Cycle Management company with primary focus on quality of services combined with expertise to enable the providers efficiently deal with their finances, compliance and technological requirements. Our Customized and integrated solutions  help you gain a competitive advantage in your business and positively impact  your cash flow.

SMARTMBBS’s Strategies:
We have the experience in healthcare billing and services for it to generate revenue. We are based in USA .We have global resources in India. We follow HIPAA Compliant, full security of the client’s data privacy on secured electronic billing softwares. Our front Office and customer service professionals are well trained and provide 24/7 customer service.

Advantages at SMARTMBBS:
Outsourcing billing service to SMARTMBBS has the following advantages when compared to In-house Billing:

  • Lower costs
  • Highly productivity
  • Dedicated potential Managers
  • No overtime costs & On time Deliverables
  • We work on weekends and holidays
  • No Recruiting /advertising costs
  • Electronic data storage and security facilities with backup
  • Customized and automated report of every account
  • No headache for provider for maintaining these structure
  • Our motto is to fulfill the customer satisfaction with highly honesty & integrity in service
  • Our rate for billing service is highly compatible according to the client’s needs
  • All this is possible with the only complete healthcare billing solution at SMARTMBBS as we value your needs.